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May 30 - video clip

Mistress Claire is having her morning coffee and she uses Dante's face and mouth as her footstool and then makes him lick her soles and toes.





May 26 - video clip

Dante is punched, slapped, and forced to worship Mistress Claire's sexy high heels, and lick her perfect bare feet.





May 14 - video clip

Flogging poor dante. Dante is getting a hard whipping, cropping and spanking by Mistress Claire, combined with usual humiliation.





May 10 - video clip

Mistress Claire is busy on her computer and she keeps her slave ladiesfloor under the desk, handy to serve her when she needs him. In this case his job is to lick clean her shoes and feet while she works.





May 6 - video clip

Beau is told to strip naked. He gets excited, thinking he is maybe about to have sex. HAHA! Nope! As soon as he drops his drawers, Mistress Claire punches him as hard as she can right in the balls. She punches his nuts over and over, taking his breath away and making him double over from the pain. She makes him bend over the bondage horse, so his dick and balls are dangling down, and she delivers very hard, painful kicks to his balls from behind. You can hear how hard she is kicking him every time her sneaker connects with his nuts.





Apr 28 - picture gallery

Mistress Claire discovers Uncle Numb Nuts on several other websites, and she is pissed!!! How dare he serve other women!!! She beats the living fuck out of him, strangles him, shoves him against the wall, slams his head against the wall over and over, and punches him. Then she throws him to the ground and kicks him, and sits down on him. He starts to get a boner so he is beaten severely for that too, and punched hard in the balls. She slaps his face dozens and dozens of times as hard as she can, until his face is literally purple and all welted. That should teach him a lesson about even THINKING about serving another woman!!





Apr 20 - picture gallery

Mistress Claire is playing fetch with her puppy slave Dante who then worships her feet





Apr 16 - video clip

Mistress Claire completely ignores Ladies Floor as he adoringly cleans her shoes with his tongue, and then worships her bare feet. He is trying so hard to get attention from her or even any acknowledgment that he is even there, but she can't be bothered to give him any attention. He licks her feet and sucks on her toes with such devotion, and the look on his face is so pathetic. He is just so hopeful for the slightest bit of attention from her. All he gets is a little kick in the face occasionally as she slowly moves her legs up and down, making him chase her feet. She's not looking at him, so sometimes his face gets in the way and he gets kicked. He still sucks her toes and licks her feet with such passion though, he is completely and totally dedicated to his Mistress.





Apr 12 - picture gallery

Mistress Claire caught her handyman taking a break outside and smoking a cigarette, when he was supposed to be working for her. She is FURIOUS, and she gives him a severe beating and ballbusting for it. She pulls his clothes off roughly and strips him naked, and starts kicking him in the balls as hard as she can, dozens of times. She kicks him so hard that he falls to the floor numerous times and has to catch his breath. While he's collapsed on the floor, she spanks his ass as hard as she possibly can, and you can immediately see bright red hand prints form on his ass cheeks. He stands back up and she slaps his face as hard as she can dozens of times, and kicks him in the balls repeatedly. She grabs his balls in one hand, and slaps his super sensitive and very tender balls very hard quite a few times.Then she punches his balls, slaps his face, and kicks his balls some more.





Apr 8 - video clip

Beau is beaten harshly with a flogger. Mistress Claire has zero mercy on him, and even beats the hell out of his balls with the flogger! Even when he is trying to crawl away from her and writhing in pain, that only fuels her desire to hurt him even more!





Apr 4 - picture gallery

Mistress Claire always abuses Beau's balls to the extreme, so today she decides to give him a rare treat. She allows him to worship her stinky socked feet. He licks her socks, and she shoves her foot deep into his mouth, using her other foot to push on the back of his head, forcing him to take it deeper down his throat. Finally, she takes her stinky socks off and shoves them into his mouth and tells him to stay like that until she comes back to play with him again.





Mar 31 - video clip

Poor unsuspecting Beau was walking down the street, and saw a sign outside that just said "ball busting office", and he was intrigued so he wandered in to see what it was all about. Lucky for him, Mistress Claire is in between clients and has a little time to spare. She tells him to remove his underwear, and asks him if he enjoys ball busting. Just when he starts to tell her he's not even sure if he likes it because he's never experienced it, she interrupts him with a hard kick to the nuts and shuts him right up. He almost falls to his knees, and the second he stands back up, she kicks him as hard as she can in the nuts again. She kicks him over and over again, and he starts to get hard so she figures he must be enjoying it. Mistress Claire grabs his hard cock and pulls him toward her by his cock, and punches his nuts with her as hard as she can, repeatedly. The sound of her connecting with his balls time and time again is painful to even hear. She can tell he is just a big pussy and he is having a hard time taking SO much abuse, so she starts to stroke his cock to give him a little break. Just when he gets nice and hard again, and thinks he's gonna get some kind of fucking happy ending or something, she brings her knee up into his balls and knees him in the nuts so hard he actually does fall to his knees this time, and he cries out in pain. She makes him stand back up again and kicks his balls over and over and over again, until he can't stand up anymore. He had walked in hoping he could just try a couple of light kicks and see if he liked it, but instead what he got was Mistress Claire completely destroying his nuts. After he falls to the ground a final time, she tells him to get the fuck out of her office because he clearly isn't man enough to take much more of it. She keeps his clothes, and sends him back out onto the street completely naked, with very swollen and very sore balls.





Mar 27 - picture gallery

Mistress Claire finds her slave laying on the couch, and that is unacceptable. She jumps on top of him, and tramples all over him with her full weight. She stands victoriously with one foot on his balls and one foot on his face. He is in immense pain but he happily takes it to please his Mistress.





Mar 23 - video clip

Mistress Claire makes her slave lie on the floor, and she stands on the bed and jumps off, landing on his stomach or his balls every single time. The noises that come out of him every time she comes down hard on him with her full weight are very entertaining to her, and she enjoys seeing just how much he can take to please her. She uses him as a step stool each time she stands back up on the bed to jump on him again. Finally, he is allowed to worship her beautiful, soft bare feet.






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